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finally really really FINALLY. 2PM releases Without U MV !!!

. it's finally out!! yeaaaaaaah, after waiting a long long long time, 2PM released Without U MV today. again, Yeaaaaaaaaaah!! the most awaited MV of this year, the most awaited comeback for these hot boys who had a hard time after Jaebum withdrawal on last three months. after released the teaser 3 days ago, finally the full MV is out today. their new concept which has made a lot of people curios, we finally can watch it! omygodness, i think i'm dying because i'm so so happy about this :D i'm proud of you guys, seriously :')

as usual, the MV starts with a word, "JYP". haha, of course they have to say it. and then, these boys appear one by one in the middle of rain, and then a piano sound starts, followed by Taecyeon and Chansung rap (well, chan's part is not rapping actually. a faster beat one?). OMO, the rest of the boys are dancing while two of them do rapping. Wooyoung, OH MY GOD. with that new hairstlye, which makes him look mature, and that killing stare. Ahhh, nosebleeding, eh? LOL. and, Junsu moves to the front and as usual, his heaven voice in the next part. i dont know but i think junsu looks different here. getting hotter, maybe? and then, our charming boy Junho sings right after junsu. haha, i still cant get away from his charming eye ever LOL. and, there is one shocking part. you know what? Nickhun does rap! woaaaa, i really like his english, so clear! khunnie is so handsome here. i admit it haha. oooh, but where's wooyoung singing part? i miss to hear his soft and husky and tempting voice. well, i do love the part when they poured by rain and that black thing haha. i dont know what is that. they look so sexy at that time and they scream. omo, what a thrill! really gives me a chill haha. but i laughed hard, so hard when i saw taecyeon screaming. i'm sorry but i think it's funny to see him scream and his mouth opens wide and haha, his big teeth are shown absolutely! i'm sorry taecyeonie :D but suddenly my laugh stopped when i see wooyoung after that. OMYGOD really really OMYGOD. what should i do? he looks so hot, so different from Heartbeat. his hair, omo. its wet because of the rain. and he wears that black shirt, and with two holes in his pants, and with his distinctive voice, and his moves, and his stare, and everything about him makes me fall again and again and again and again. seriously. i think i love wooyoung more than before. well, do you know this, wooyoung oppa? I LOVE YOU, SARANGHAE :-* (well, it's okay if you think i'm crazy LOL)

well, in short, this MV is great. even jaebum said, “khun's rap part is fire. 2pm “without you” . go check it out ! =)”. hem, i miss jaebum so much. thanks for still being nice and supporting 2PM :D saranghae jaebum or Jay Park

again, congrats to them who did their best for making this MV. i'm really looking forward for your comeback :D -Good Luck-

lets check the photos

Wooyoung :-*






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  1. waaahh,,,mantepppp euy!!^^

    ada award dariku,,diambil yah=)