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2PM, be strong

hey, i'm crying hard right now. really really can't stand these tears anymore. i'm so sick and tired of those hottests and netizens who can't stop bashing 2PM. after hottests found out that Jaebeom would not be returning to 2PM, many of them decided to take action by boycotting against this 6-members group. they refuse to buy 2PM music, the products they endorse, and they stop supporting 2PM as a fan.

WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU, GUYS? come on, all the shit that you're doing now will not make Jay return to 2PM! he's gone! what can you do with that, ha? have you ever thought that Jay may not like your fucking actions? do you wanna say you do this in order to make Jay come back? this all useless! open your eyes please, and realize that 2PM is now without Jay, they're all 6 now. don't you wanna move on? remember, 2PM is 7-members group (and now 6) not only 1. will we stuck forever for finishing Jay's problem only? it's not like that.

and now, hottests enraged with Taecyeon declaring 'a new beginning'.

“It’s a new beginning. Shall we start it together?,”
he posted it clearly on his fan-cafe site.

many netizens – that is, the hottests included – have put Taecyeon under fire with speculations suggesting that the purpose of such message was to officially declare a fresh new start for 2PM without their former-leader, Jay… almost as if he has now taken the position.

oh, please. i do think netizens and hottests take it too much. it doesn't mean that he wants to take Jay position as a new leader. it means that he wants to move on. what's wrong with that post? it's really the time for them take that 'new beginning'. even though it's just a week passed after Jay final decision, they really need to move on. if netizens and hottests still keep on this way, bashing 2PM, how long it gonna last? when it will end? i'm so sad. it's like whatever 2PM do now, that will never be alright.

those hottests look more like antis now. they're not hottests anymore. hottests do support 2PM whatever happens. hottests never attack 2PM and boycott 6-members left.

when Jay decided to permanently quit and back to USA, i felt so sad. i even cried and i couldn't read the news straightly because my eyes were burning and filled with tears. i couldn't believe that he's gone and never come back to 2PM. all the happiness , sadness that they went through will all end like this. and, i always cry whenever i watch Idol Army or Wild Bunny. i miss Jay and his dorkiness. i miss him, i wanna see him get together with 2PM again. laughing, crying, singing and do everything together like they used to do.

but now, these are the facts : he quit. he left korea. never come back to 2PM. the rest of 2PM member are being attacked by those ex-hottests. whatever 2PM do now is going to be wrong on netizens and hottests eyes.

what i wanna see, listen, and feel : netizens and hottests stop bashing 2PM. the rest of members can get through this shit. 2PM gotta be strong. 2PM have to come back with new album, amazing songs and whatever. hottests who are now being haters will back as loyal hottests. people realize that Jay is quit forever and never come back. there will be no more 6Pm or 1:59 PM. it's 2PM.

and, all what i do now : ALWAYS SUPPORT 2PM and trying to be LOYAL HOTTEST.


Park Jaebeom, Kim Junsu, Nichkhun, Ok Taecyeon, Jang Wooyoung, Lee Junho, Hwang Chansung, 2PM!!

[i'll always shout Jaebeom, and always see 2PM as 7-members. will not forget you, Jay :)]

credits : www.allkpop.com

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