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SNSD - Run Devil Run MV released!!

SNSD - Run Devil Run MV

the most anticipated MV is released just a little while ago! this Soshi Black concept has made everyone so curious about it. an extremely 180 degree change from their Oh! image successfully captured everyone's heart. who are they? SNSD absolutely. they come with maturer coreography and sexy outfit and hairstyle. you can see Yoona with her bang and black and blonde-haired Jessica. they really got new identities and they change their image into wild girls (haha, i think the word 'wild' is just too much).

well, i do think this 'catch me if you can' dance will make a hit again just like Gee. because as you listen to this song, and see the dance, you will get more into dance than the song. i'm really looking forward for their comeback stage for this Run Devil Run. everyone's looking forward to it surely :))

but some people say it's similar to Kara's Lupin MV. do you think so? do i think so? well, i don't.

talking about this MV, as usual Taeyeon is great. she's reaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllyyy pretty here!! omo omo. she looks different, I LOVE TAEYEON :) and then i like when Taeyeon, Seohyun, and Jessica do vocal together. Seohyun has improved her vocal a lot! it's amazing. i love to hear her part when she gets higher octaf. also Seohyun here looks older than usual, but still pretty absolutely and Jessica? ehm she's cute haha. how about other members? i think Yoona really fits with her banged-out hairstyle. she's really pretty. i hope she will be on that hairstyle forever. haha. seriously. and Yuri, she's the best. very cool dancer along with Hyoyeon. they're adorable :)) Sooyoung? Love her hair! love her voice too. Tiffany? cute :D Sunny? Cool Sexy Yeppeoyoooooooo :)) i love when you wear that hat LOL.

well, just check the MV now. and do enjoy :)

credits : sment@youtube

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