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currently listening [10th place - 7th place]

i wanna share my top 10 songs that always in my playlist. these are not new songs actually. most of them are old. except for Oh!, Bad Girl, and Open Happiness which are new release songs. but i really do love to 'keep in touch' with these amazing songs. i never get bored whenever i listen to them. okay, without much talking anymore, let's just reveal what these songs are :

10th place goes to :
Victims Of Love by Good Charlotte

this song is really great. it comes from their 'Good Morning Revival' album in 2007. listen to Joel Madden amazing vocal! even though i think it's similar at the begininning with t.A.T.u's Not Gonna Get Us, it's still an awesome song you have to listen to.

9th place goes to :
Mr. by Kara

oh yeah, Mister! this song is one of many songs that came to my heart easily. i do love to listen Jung Nicole part here. this song is really addicted, and it'll always go around your head! i always start shaking my butt as i listen to it. this song is popular by its Butt Dance. and i think i will take this dance for my next performance haha. come on, listen this Kara's Mr. song and just try to shake your sexy butt!

7th place goes to :
Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls

who doesn't know this fenomenal dance? the pelvis dance that makes everyone falls to it. it together with kara's butt dance are addictive. i like how Miryo does her rap part, and fresh voice Gain-Narsha-Jea. they're such adorable women. but sometimes i think that T-ara's Bo Peep Bo Peep opening instrument is similar with its opening too.

6th place goes to :
Oh! by SNSD

yeaaay, it's my favourite girl group! i admire them without caring about the fact that they all did plastic surgery. i think it's fine for them to do that as they're going to be idols. and i admit that they did their PS well, especially for Jessica haha. you can look the differences of her face before her debut and now. there's so much differences you can find LOL. talking about this song called Oh!, i remembered when they released this song last january, many people noticed that this song is similar with Rihanna's Shut Up and Drive. well, i noticed it too. if you hear the opening of Oh!, you can find it's similar with shut up and drive opening and chorus. but i still love this song. it's such an easy listening and easy to memorize :))

i'll put the rest of the songs on my next posting. see ya, hope you enjoy :D

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