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2PM Follow Your Soul MV released !!

2PM - Follow Your Soul MV [Oppo Cell Phone CF]

yeaaay, it's finally out!

i do love this song and especially the MV. Wooyoung looks sooo cute here, and also Junho. all members look good here, they look adorable :))

i do love the part when they do dance without singing. it's great. totally great.

i do love the feeling when i hear this song. i have to admit that i cried when i saw this video for the first time. i don't know why, the tears fell down suddenly when its ending part.

let's check the video now. I BET YOU WILL LOVE IT.

enjoy :))

credits : Kpop95xox@youtube


  1. sama banget kaya adek aku yang suka sama 2pm :)
    aku suka yang ada lirik listen to my heart <3

  2. yeey asik emang 2pm keren :) ooh, heartbeat mungkin ya?